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Product Design

Creating products and systems that optimizes function, value and appearance for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.

My Mantra

"Innovation is a part of evolution, thus one must innovate to evolve in order to thrive in this dynamic ever changing world."


Working on advanced manufacturing technologies like rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM/CAE and automated material handling systems like automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Professional Experience

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Niagara Bottling

Systems Engineer | March 2016 - Present

Responsible for system design, implementation and sustainability of automation technologies in warehouse such as Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV), Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS-RS) system, automated dock doors and more.

Managing plant startups, optimization projects, LGV/Automation R & D activities and providing plant support during its implementation.

Optimizing algorithms to improve truck loading pattern, LGV path selection logic, warehouse storage layouts and reducing reject rates on handoffs between manufacturing lines and LGVs to improve system KPI's.

Niagara Bottling

R&D Intern | May - Dec 2015

Designed tools and fixtures for testing equipment’s and mold for DSM injection molding machine in order to make test samples for two different tests.

Created CAD database of current production preforms and bottles for CAE simulation purpose and to develop generic records for version to version comparison.

Performed compression testing, stiffness testing on the ribs of bottle and pressure deformation testing to check bottle strength.

3D Printing, USC

Reasearch Volunteer | Aug 2014 - Dec 2015

While working under Dr. Chen, I helped to build a stereo lithography apparatus for rapid prototyping and fabricating 3D parts. Used fire cast material for fabrication so it can be used to create mold for investment casting.

Modified the hardware of existing 3D Printer to reduce fabrication time by giving motion to tank using a stepper motor controlled by K-motion controller. Conducted series of experiments to determine the optimal parameter for fabricability of part and made the process repeatable.

Improved the laser’s focusing capability using optical devices to achieve micron level accuracy of produced parts for laser based 3D printing.


3D Model from Scanning Microscope

Computational 3D Design

Pattern making Machine using 3D Printable threads

Mechatronics Design

Determination of Significant Process Parameters

Statistical Modelling

Design of Highly Repeatable Governor

Product Design, FEA

Quad copter for Agricultural Surveillance

Mechatronics Design

Lean Implementation in Additive Manufacturing

Lean-Six Sigma